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    Last updated 2 years ago

    Our recent blog topics have included information about measuring your lamp shades and a look at different lamp accessory options. If you’re looking for more information on these topics, then check out this list of resources.

    "I Wish I Came to Just Shades First..." | 5 Star Review on Yelp for Just Shades!

    Last updated 2 years ago

    • on Yelp
    • "After receiving 4 deliveries of damaged lamp shades from one of the "big box stores", I discovered Just Shades.  They had exactly what I wanted in stock and with one phone call, I had 4 new shades in about 2 days.  And most importantly, they knew how to pack shades so that they arrived in perfect condition.

      Lynn V.

    Android App: Light Bulb Finder

    Last updated 2 years ago

    Energy-efficient light bulbs help you save money on your utility bills and have a lessened ecological impact on the Earth. A new application for Android phones makes it easy to find the right energy-saving bulbs for your home. Light Bulb Finder is free to download and will work on any Android device.

    Check out the App!

    The right lamp bulb will help illuminate your home correctly and spread light evenly. If you’re looking to upgrade the décor of your home by making custom lamp shades, then call Just Shades in New York City at (866) 990-0501.

    Just Shades Now Open on Sundays!

    Last updated 2 years ago

    Just Shades is now open on Sundays from 11:00 am to 5:00 pm.

    Come by and see us!

    A Look at Your Lamp Customization Options

    Last updated 2 years ago

    Add to the look and feel of any room by decorating and customizing your lighting. Customized lamps can help to illuminate a room and add a special flair to a space that everyone is sure to notice. The following is a basic guide that outlines some of your customization options. You’ll find that all of these options are very affordable, making them great for homeowners on a budget.

    • Finials: Finials are small, intricate trinkets that help dress up a dull lampshade. They typically screw into the top-center of the lamp shade, in the middle of the metal crisscross ‘spider’ that holds the lampshade together.
    • Decorative Lampshades: Lampshades can be customized to fit any style. If you’re looking for a particular pattern to fit in with the rest of your décor, then lampshade experts can help to create a shade that you’ll love. These days, almost any design or motif can be incorporated into a custom lampshade.
    • Unique Bases: There are hundreds of options when it comes to the base of your lamp. Choose from a wide variety of materials and all different types of styles shapes, and sizes.  Practically any design that you can formulate can be built..

    • Artistic Bulbs: Decorative or artistic bulbs can add a little extra pizazz to any room. Colored bulbs can illuminate a room in a light blue, dark blue, red, or green, while artistic bulbs may reflect patterns in the forms of shadows on the wall. Artistic bulbs are great for parties or for rooms where you want to display your personality vibrantly.

    The lighting in our home helps to set the mood, relax us, wake us up, and inspire us. If you’re interested in creating custom lampshades for your New York home, then call the friendly experts at Just Shades at (866) 990-0501.

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