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    Ideas for Keeping Your Lampshades Clean

    Last updated 5 months ago

    Lampshades are one of the most-neglected areas of the home, often left to gather dust and other debris. Dirty lampshades detract from the look of your lamps and diminish the light they provide to your home. While there is no way to keep dirt from accumulating on your lampshades, a few easy cleaning solutions can help you keep your shades looking like new.

    Cleaning a Hard-Backed Lampshade
    Hard-backed lampshades consist of an outer layer of laminated fabric glued to a supportive plastic liner. These shades should never be immersed in water, which can dissolve the glue and ruin your lampshade. To clean a hard-backed lampshade, use a soft-bristled artist’s brush to remove dust from the laminated fabric by starting at the top and working your way to the bottom. Very stiff lampshades may be cleaned with a vacuum hose. Blow away dust from trim or fringe with a hairdryer on the cool setting. You can clean the inner plastic liner with a soft cloth dipped in warm water. If water alone is not enough to remove dirt, add a few drops of mild dishwashing soap to the water.

    Cleaning a Soft-Backed Lampshade
    Soft-backed or silk lampshades consist entirely of fabric. These shades can be cleaned with water as long as they are stitched onto their frame. Fill a bucket or sink with warm water and a few drops of mild detergent; immerse the lampshade to remove dust and dirt. Rinse away any remaining soap with clean water, then hang your shade to air dry. Do not replace the shade on your lamp until it has dried completely. Taking this time to clean your lamp or light fixture as well will help to keep your lampshade cleaner.

    Just Shades has a wide selection of hard-backed and soft-backed lampshades to suit your every lighting need. We invite you to visit our newest location at 154 Prospect Street in Greenwich to discover how custom lampshades can transform the look of your home. Connect with us online or call (866) 990-0501 to learn more.

    String Shades Explained

    Last updated 5 months ago

    String shades are a type of custom lampshade made by covering a metal frame with string, silk, or thin strips of fabric. These lampshades are typically soft-sided shades, which feature a lining on the inside of the shade to provide protection and diffuse the light from the lamp’s bulb. A string shade creates a soft, traditional, and luxurious look that makes an excellent lighting choice for dining rooms, living rooms, and bedrooms. More modern string shades area also available for homes that utilize contemporary décor.  Just Shades is pleased to offer a variety of soft-sided string shades in our New York and Greenwich showrooms, including empire string, empire oval string, cut corner empire rectangle string, and rectangle or cut corner square string shades

    Just Shades has been serving New York and Connecticut for nearly four decades by providing the finest in custom lampshades. Whether you’re looking for a string shade, a linen shade, a sink shade, or a paper shade, we have exactly the right lampshade for your lighting needs. Check out our inventory on the web or call (866) 990-0501 for directions to our new Greenwich location at 154 Prospect Street!

    Tips for Picking the Perfect Dining Room Chandelier

    Last updated 5 months ago

    A formal dining room provides the perfect location for meals with family or friends. One of the crowning jewels of any dining room is a central chandelier that adds both light and artistic style to the room. When choosing the perfect chandelier for your dining room, it’s important to take factors such as the style of the room and your lighting needs into account. You can visit Just Shades of Greenwich to explore our inventory and find the lighting advice you need to create the perfect atmosphere for dining and entertaining in your home.

    Use Your Home’s Style
    One of the first places to look for inspiration for your dining room chandelier is the architectural style of your home. If your home utilizes classical elements and décor, it’s best to choose a chandelier with these same qualities. Placing an extremely modern or streamlined lamp into a classical room will look out of place, while choosing a very stylized and classical chandelier for a modern room will also create disparity rather than harmony. Rustic and eclectic homes often benefit most from a glass or crystal chandelier with metallic accents that match the color tones in the dining room’s furniture and other décor.

    Consider Your Table’s Shape and Size
    In addition to the shape, size, and style of your dining room, your table will also influence the best type of chandelier to use in your home. Interior designers recommend that a chandelier should be no more than one-third of the width of the dining table, though tables that are oval or rectangular in shape can accommodate slightly larger fixtures. Additionally, keep in mind that a long table will need a long lamp fixture above it to provide enough light for all diners to enjoy their meals.

    Are you looking for the perfect chandelier or lamp for your home’s dining room? Check out Just Shades’ selection of custom lighting and shades by visiting our new Greenwich location. You can learn more about us by calling (866) 990-0501, or find additional design tips by reading through our blog.

    Exploring Bedroom Lighting Choices

    Last updated 5 months ago

    Your bedroom serves as a tranquil retreat from the stresses of everyday life. While a bedroom must be dark at night to accommodate sleep, lamps provide light for other tasks to create a functional and comfortable room.

    A combination of overhead and bedside table-mounted lamps is often best for bedrooms, allowing you to turn out the lights from the bed if you wish. Choose lamps and light fixtures with a style similar to the room’s décor to pull the room’s look together. You can learn more tips for choosing bedroom lamps and lighting in this video.

    Just Shades specializes in lampshades and lighting options for every room in your home. Call us at (866) 990-0501 or visit our new Greenwich location at 154 Prospect Street to explore your home lighting options. Click through our blog for more lighting and design inspiration!

    How to Choose the Right Lampshade Size

    Last updated 6 months ago

    Sometimes, a simple upgrade can make all the difference for your home’s décor! Replacing an outdated lampshade with a brand new one from Just Shades adds a new sense of style and personality to any room. Follow these tips to choose the right lampshade size for any of the lamps in your home:

    Measure Your Lamp
    The lampshade you choose should fit your lamp to provide the right amount of light and enhance your home décor. Start by using a tape measure to measure the height and width of your lamp. Measure the height from the lamp’s base to the bottom of the socket as well as the width of the lamp base. These numbers will help you choose a lampshade that fits in without looking too small or overpowering your lamp.

    Determine the Appropriate Height
    Personal preference is the most important factor when choosing any design element for your home. But there are also some guidelines to keep in mind when choosing lampshades! Your lampshade should be shorter than the height of the lamp for the right look, so try to find lampshades that are around two-thirds the height of the base.

    Find the Right Diameter
    You should also consult your lamp measurements when determining the right diameter for your lampshade. A good fit usually occurs when lampshades have diameters that are twice the size of the lamp base’s width. Your new lampshade should not be wider than the height of the base.

    Look at Your Options
    Once you have these basics down, you can start looking over your options. Start narrowing down your options by figuring out which lampshades work with your measurements. Find a lampshade with a shape, color, and style that works with the rest of your home décor.

    Just Shades offers an amazing selection of ready-made lampshades as well as custom lampshades for homeowners desiring a one-of-a-kind look. Contact us at (866) 990-0501 for more information about our selection. 

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